PU Coating

Fantastically elastic: PU coatings

The surfaces of flexible moulded foam parts are subject to high stresses. This is where PU coatings can show their advantages – because the coatings remain permanently dense and elastic.

The skin-friendly, light-stable and bio-compatible PU coatings are available in almost every conceivable shade. They seal surfaces seamlessly, making them resistant to grease and perspiration and protecting against abrasion and discolouration.

PU-sealed moulded parts are ideal when stretchable coatings with a specified layer thickness are required – for example in medical technology, cosmetics or wellness areas.

View into the in-house PU paint shop

Layer thicknesses as desired

When upholstery reaches its limits, we start with spray skin coating: At Pi-Concept, even concave, convex or very irregularly shaped components can be coated directly with a protective polyurethane lacquer layer.

PU spray skins also show their advantages in prototype construction. Their seamless, highly elastic surfaces can anticipate the impression of later cover fabrics without the need for cutting and sewing.