Ultrasonic Welding

Automated ultrasonic welding
at Pi-Concept

Ultrasonic welding is an efficient joining process that produces secure joints without seam interruption. Since it melts joints purely by vibration induction and only in a very targeted manner, the process does not require any external heat input.

With its fast cycle times, ultrasonic welding offers an economical alternative to conventional joining techniques such as sewing or gluing – in almost every application.

Automated ultrasonic welding

Manual ultrasonic welding

Depending on quantity, we produce belts, couch cushions, pillows and various small parts with this process.

The advantages of ultrasonic welding

  • Form-fitting endless connections
  • No heat supply from outside

  • Pure joints without foreign material

  • Short process and cycle times

  • High process reliability and reproducibility

Ultrasonic cutting of mesh fabric

Ultrasonic roll seam welding: Simultaneous cutting and sealing of the material edge

But ultrasound can do much more: automated removal of protrusions, punching of openings or lamination of nonwovens can also be realised using ultrasound – as can cut-off welding, perforating or embossing. Additives are superfluous, the processed materials always remain pure.

For the automotive industry, Pi-Concept welds small and large series semi-automatically using ultrasound – for example, armrests and gearshift covers for high-quality vehicle interiors.