Sewing / Joining / Bonding

From roll to blank

At Pi-Concept, cutting and finishing are carried out in closely interlocked work steps – precisely matched to the respective material properties. Roll goods are laid out, cut to length and commissioned in strips.

The textile material is given the cut shape required for sewing or covering by single or multiple layer punching; the maximum cut size here is approx. 800 x 450 mm (larger formats on request).

Precision – stitch by stitch

For industrial sewing and textile joining of technical fabrics, leather, felt or plastics, the Pi-Concept sewing shop has well-trained specialist staff and a broad manufacturing know-how.

The product range of our sewing department is broad: Covers for automotive components, office chairs, work or cosmetic chairs are made here, as are car wash gloves, polishing cloths and wax pads, rim brushes or shoe shine cloths.

As an alternative to machine sewing and hand sewing, we create durable adhesive joints for textile and elastic materials.

Sewing in the in-house sewing room

Thanks to our technical bandwidth, we can permanently bond a wide variety of materials – and combine them as needed to achieve specific product properties entirely according to customer requirements.

In addition, Pi-Concept offers you the possibility to join materials without adding glue – more about this at Ultrasonic welding!


of parts up to 800 x 450 mm (larger on request)

CNC knife cutting

single or multiple layers

Processing of roll material

up to 240 cm width (wider on request)

Wide range of materials

Textiles, leather, felt, fleece, microfibre materials, foils, plastics

Punching and contour cutting

with high repeatability

Industrial machine sewing

and hand sewing

Joining and bonding

also in combination of several materials


of technical textiles, plastics and leather/artificial leather

Areas of application for our textile and leather processing

  • Automotive industry – also in the premium segment

  • Medical technology and healthcare

  • Beauty and Wellness

  • Furniture construction

  • Consumer products

Processable materials

  • Textile fabric made of natural or synthetic fibres

  • Felt

  • Nonwoven fabrics

  • Short and long pile microfibre fabrics

  • Natural leather

  • Synthetic leather

  • Alcantara

  • Velours

  • Plastics

  • Foils

Beledern eines Handgriffes für Automotive-Anwendung

Professional leathering at Pi-Concept

When it comes to giving high-quality natural leather an appropriate finish, Pi-Concept’s broad manufacturing expertise proves its worth – for example when it comes to covering or finishing handles and trims.