Upholstery expertise

Pi-Concept upholstery products are used in the automotive, medical technology, healthcare, beauty and wellness sector – but also as seating and office furniture components. Our spectrum ranges from »small« to »very large«, such as upholstery elements for passenger waiting areas and lounges.

In addition to classic upholstery work, we also know how to professionally integrate electronic components and sensors into upholstery parts – be it heating elements, loudspeakers, charging sockets or pressure sensors for »intelligent« upholstery or »smart« cushions.

Challenge us – the Pi-Concept upholstery team will convince you with expertise and cross-system solutions.

Screwing on a mounting plate during upholstery

Industrial upholstery at Pi-Concept

Pi-Concept’s upholstery workshop produces, among other things, couch cushions, seat cushions, back cushions, hand grips, arm pads and screens – and many more.

We are happy to take on new challenges with the professional expertise and many years of experience of our upholstery team!

Multi-layer upholstery and covering

also in combination with different degrees of hardness, with spacer fabric, etc.

Flame retardant upholstery materials

Breathable pads

Leathering of upholstery materials

Pads for beauty and cosmetics

Cushion for wellness equipment

Special pads for medical products and applications

also for X-ray applications

Safety cushion with integrated sensors

in multi-layer design, e.g. for triggering a safety contact