PUR Foaming

PUR moulded foam parts from the specialist

As a system supplier for ready-to-install moulded parts made of polyurethane, Pi-Concept supplies well-known customers throughout Europe.

In our own foaming plant, we manufacture PUR moulded parts in series production – on request also coloured, with sealed and/or lacquered or coated surfaces.

Depending on the field of application and the desired product properties, we foam moulded foam parts of the most varied densities – with a part weight of around 20 to 8,000 g.

Viscoelastic foam (Memory Foam)

Material properties made to measure

Breathable, durable and dimensionally stable – polyurethane foam mouldings combine a whole range of great material properties.

Through targeted surface treatment during the manufacturing process, Pi-Concept can also seal the surface of a PUR moulded part at the customer’s request to create a closed, solid top layer.

In-mould coating

Step 1:

Bring in release agent

Step 2:

In-mould coating

Step 3:


Step 4:

Parts removal and quality control

Step 5:

Storage for further processing

PUR moulded foam parts for a wide range of applications

Foamed moulded parts from Pi-Concept have proven themselves in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry as well as in furniture construction and medical technology applications. Seat cushions, arm rests, back cushions, treatment couches and chairs are just a few of countless applications.

Polyurethane moulded foam parts from Pi-Concept are also successfully used as packaging components and parts carriers in logistics.

Thanks to many years of experience with the diverse properties of PU foams, we can produce moulded foam parts with a wide variety of surface structures and degrees of hardness – depending on customer requirements and application scenarios.

Upset hardness test as quality management

As part of quality assurance, Pi-Concept regularly tests and documents the compression hardness of foamed workpieces.

Fast reaction times

We source the jigs and tools for your moulded foam product from mostly Bavarian suppliers – with short lead times and consistently high quality.

Soft shell, hard core

Foaming around rigid inserts or support structures with PUR foam combines the positive properties of both materials.

Pi-Concept offers extensive possibilities for foaming around your inserts – regardless of whether they are made of metal, wood, plastic or other components that can be integrated.